Holistic Property Advice

With the changes in the property sectors, the volatility of property market values, new bank  LVR guidelines, new bank lending rules, pending taxation changes to negative gearing and Capital Gains, and lots more, now could be a good time to get a new holistic review of your personal circumstances.

Times have changed when we used to purchase investments and we “set and forget” – particularly when it comes to property.

We think that there is definitely many things you need to consider when using and adviser for your wealth portfolio where you may also have property, besides your business, your home and your superannuation.  Over the years we have done many taxation returns for taxpayers, only to find that right from the start, the clients had the wrong advice or did not know of things because they were not simply told when they ventured out into investing. It does not matter when you have started, you may already have 2 or 3 properties, some may be negatively geared, and some may be cash flow positive rentals.   According to the ATO statistics , many taxpayers never have more than 5 properties in their portfolios.   Why is this do you think..? We know why.  There can be different answers.

You might simply want to move forward with more acquisitions, or a project to build, develop and sell. We can help you with that planning. Getting the tax planning and asset protection is just part of the project, besides the project profit and the actual development. We can help you achieve your goals. We don’t advise on buying and selling of property . That is not what we do.

We can review your portfolio, discuss with you, your goals. Review your assets and liabilities, review the tax planning and asset protection,  and make recommendations and assist you with any problems you have.  This is just a short list of the many things possible.

Feel free to contact us, if you want some help, by sending us a message on our contact page or phone us today.